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The official journal of record for the Electric Football Alliance

Featuring: Magazine with articles about EF

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The premier broadcast network for miniature football and the latest EF products

Featuring: Miniature football media coverage, EF Products

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Graphical representations of every uniform that has been worn in the NFL since 1920

Featuring: Graphics of historical NFL uniforms


    Preserving the history and memories of the game and the innovations in technology

    Featuring: EF History, Blogs, Photos, Store

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    A virtual museum dedicated to the past, present, and future of graphic design in the world of sports

    Featuring: Logos for all college and professional teams and leagues

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      Bringing you the newest and precise color info for your favorite sports teams

      Featuring: Color Codes for all college and professional teams


        The definitive source for professional and collegiate team color information

        Featuring: Bases, Decals, Facemasks, Figures


          The History of Electric Football by Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia

          Featuring: Top 20 Games, Blogs, Books

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